Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Twitter in my school?

So I've been thinking lately...how can I become a better teacher while helping my colleagues to become better, progressive educators. (By the way, getting better in my mind is reflecting on and discussing your teaching techniques in order to understand different ideas and approaches in the classroom.) I have heard about staff discussions on Twitter using hash tags, for instance #SHSchat for Springfield High School staff. I'm wondering how to approach the issue with my principal. Should there be prompts for the first few chats? Should we have them weekly? Monthly? After staff meetings? What if it becomes a complaint session? If you have experience with this, please give me some direction. Can Twitter help our staff?


  1. How about just plain old face to face time. Getting rid of relationships will do nothing good for the staff.

  2. Sure, face to face time is great and is the MOST beneficial way of communication. Unfortunately, most of the time we have for collaboration and reflection has been cut. Teacher planning time is seen as a waste of taxpayer dollars. (May I point out that lawyers bill for phone calls and would never be expected to argue a case without proper time to plan, which they are paid handsomely for.) Twitter would be an optional way for teachers to communicate while still being home with their families AND not being a "burden on the taxpayers."