Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Seth Godin's got a point

I think that this recent post by Seth Godin has some significant merit in the education world even though it is meant for business. If you take Godin's (I found out about him through Will Richardson's blog) words and what he says about the factory model and apply it to education today (i.e. sitting in rows, doing redundant tasks, following orders, being a cog) it fits almost seamlessly.

Furthermore, if you take the things he says about being pro-business and apply them to what education should look like, they also fit seamlessly. Essentially, he's saying that we need to invest more in education the right way, and less in standardized testing and trying to teach "just enough." Our country's value (or lack thereof) of education is still based on the factory model. Our job as educators is to push the "pro-business" model.

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